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as the solar impulse is in the works to change history. a massive wingspan covered in solar panels collects and stores energy so the plane can be flown day and even at night. >>> also in california, a widower got a disturbing surprise when he realized the woman in the casket was not his wife. the funeral home told him his wife simply looked different because of the embalming process, and it wasn't until another family came forward claiming a body switch that they recognized their mistake. >>> preparations are under way in pacific grove's seal pup season begins. signs are going up warning visitors not to disturb the elephant seals, harbor seals and sea lions. the expectant mothers ready themselves for the births of their pups expected to take place in april and may. >>> top ranked gonzaga strengthened its case with a rout of unranked st. mary's to win the west coast conference final, 65-51. this will be the 15th straight year the zags go to the big dance. >>> in women's college basketball, number one baylor got 31 points from britney griner to capture the big 12 conference championship. the
sticking points on any budget have not changed for republicans or democrats. and as you mentioned, president obama headed back to the capitol today. this time to meet with a tougher audience after meeting with senate democrats yesterday. now house republicans, members of his own party are expressing doubt about how effective he will be at this. also senate democrats releasing their own budget for the first time in about four years, calling for a trillion dollars in new revenues by closing loopholes, but no significant changes to medicare. democrats have rejected the republican plan released yesterday that would have cut the deficit by nearly $5 trillion by repealing president obama's health care law and making changes to those under 54. the one budget we have now to see from the president. the white house says it won't be ready until april 8th, about two months late, richard. >> danielle leigh watching those budget proposals. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. >>> turning now to a bizarre and gruesome story. new york's so-called cannibal on cop is facing life in prison aft
. flight attendants unions and at least three major airlines oppose this change, saying it makes air travel less safe. some prominent lawmakers have voiced their concerns as well and now one is drafting a measure to stop the tsa from reversing course. administrator john pistole said the agency confiscates more than four tons of signal knives each month but doesn't think they pose a catastrophic threat. >>> it was a recording that may have been a game changer in the 2012 presidential election. mitt romney's 47% comment. >> 47% with him who believe that they are victims, who believe government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. and so my job is not to worry about those people. >> well, after that video was released, romney said it was a very unfortunate statement. and it was not what he meant. now for the first time the man who thought that infamous 47% remark is speaking out. he spoke exclusively with msnbc's ed schultz about why he shot that video. >> i think it defined him at a critical point, you know, and
for bipartisanship. >> i hit it the president's tremendously sincere. i don't think this is just a political change in tactic. i think he would actually like to solve the problems of the country, and it would be to his benefit and certainly every american's benefit if he did that. >> the last time we went to the white house the president lectured us. i hope that he's genuine, but i don't think we'll do doing the "harlem shake" any time soon. >> there's already a move to avoid a springtime budget battle. the house passed a resolution to fund the government through the fall. >>> now for a look at your monday weather, bill karins joins us. it's a monday. do we get to restart everything? it's going to be fresh weather? >> we'd like that. >> yes. >> we had a decent weekend even in the northwest, but now the rain's moving in. it's going to be a wet week especially north of seattle. looks like we're going to get really a heavy dose of rain possibly around bellingham. that's about it for the rest. the rest of the forecast looks really nice. already you can see hints of the warm front trying to bring in the
ago, and he has been ringing in the changes. today, i heard eight separate references to the protector of the environment, the protector of creation. brother, sun, sister, moon. he has just been ringing in the changes. >> maria, you have been observing the differents, and i know u you were watching closely, what struck you? >> i think he was so inspirational. i think by choosing the name francis, it's a very famous name, but he talks a lot about forgiveness, saying that people need to ask for more forgiveness. he talks about authenticity, and today he also spoke about what is true authentic power in service. i think these are the words and the messages that people around the world are longing for. >> and we're watching, we want to mention you're back with us on the "today show" in just a short while, and you're going to look at what women can offer. >> much more head coming up on the special edition of "the today show" coming up. >>> officials say a student's planned attack on the university of central florida was averted. a rapid response by campus authorities prevented the man from c
to the change in policy to allow knives on airplanes. the transportation security administration said starting april 25th, passengers can carry short folding knives onto flights. unions for flight attendants oppose the policy and federal air marshalls are also blasting the decision. screeners will still confiscate razor blades and box cutters. relatives of some of the september 11th victims want the policy rolled back. one asked, quote, what's the difference between a pocket knife and a box cutter? and another calls it, quote, a dreadful mistake to loosen the rules. >>> turning now to syria, the u.n. says about 20 peacekeepers are being held by opposition forces in the country. amateur video on the internet reports capture of u.n. vehicles but nbc news could not verify that. the peacekeepers were reportedly part of a force that monitors a cease-fire between israeli and syrian troops in the golan heights. the u.n. says more than 1 million syrian refugees have fled to the country. >>> for the latest on the weather now, we'll go to bill karins. >> d.c. and out west of d.c. were hit hard. that big
. it was a time dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of climate change around the world. >>> divers in a sharkproof cage put that guarantee to the test when a great white shark came a little too close for comfort. wedging its head between the bars of the cage. it thrashed about for a few seconds before freeing itself and swim ago way. fortunately no divers were hurt. >> i would have passed out. >> i would have lost a beat or two in my heart. but the thing works. what if sharks are small enough to get through? >> you poke it in the eyes. that's what you're supposed to do. >> that's the bill karins strategy. >> i watch all the survival shows. you poke it in the eye. >> something like that. >>> time now for an early look at some of the stories we'll be following today. the trial of jodi arias resumes in phoenix, arizona. more testimony is expected on her amnesia diagnosis by a psychologist for the defense. >>> and on this day in 1965, an historic civil rights march. the reverend martin luther king jr. led 25,000 marchers to the st state capitol to protest the denial of voting rights to
that allow it. much has changed in the 17 years since president clinton signed it into law. he now says it should be overturned because it's unconstitutional discrimination. no states permitted same-sex marriage when congress passed doma. now nine states do allow it along with washington, d.c. 38 others ban it either by law or constitutional amendment. >> what do we want? >> marriage equality. >> when? >> now. >> reporter: and public opinion polls show that more than half of americans now say they support it. that's why supporters of marriage for gay couples claim the cultural tide is moving in their direction. >> if the supreme court disagrees with these claims, history will not look fondly on it. but the court almost prides itself on moving very slowly, not being out in front of the culture, lagging behind some, and that's probably the dilemma for the justices. >> of course, we'll be watching that right here on nbc. that was nbc's pete williams reporting for us. >>> white house officials now say the united states is training syrian secular sources in neighboring jordan and has been fo
in california have all the rights of married couples letting them be called married would be a big change. >> if you tell a child that somebody has to be their friend, i suppose you can force the child to say this is my friend, but it changes the definition of what it means to be a friend. and that's it seems to me what supporters of proposition 8 are saying here. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones or the internet? >> reporter: justice kennedy possibly the pivotal vote, seemed to throw up his hands. >> you're really asking particularly because of the sociological evidence you cite, for us to go into uncharted waters. i just wonder if the case was properly granted. >> reporter: that was nbc's pete williams. now, if justices decide the california case was premature, it would leave in place a previous ruling which struck down prop 8. same-sex marriages would then resume in california, but it would not set a nationwide precedent. but today the justices will turn their attention to federal la
couples to marry? >> today. nine, your honor. >> nine, and so, there's been this sea change between now and 1996? >> reporter: but the court's liberals sharply questioned doma saying the federal benefits denied legally married same-sex couples have a profound effect. >> they touch every aspect of your life. your partner is sick. and social security -- i mean, it's pervasive. the full marriage and then this sort of skim milk marriage. >> reporter: justice kennedy, potentially the pivotal vote, said the states, not congress, traditionally define what it means to be married and eligible for federal benefits. >> you are at real risk of running in conflict with what has always been thought to be the essence of the state police power which is to regulate marriage, divorce, custody. >> reporter: several justice said congress was improperly discriminating when they passed law. >> i'll quote from the house report here. congress decided to reflect and honor a collective moral judgment until to express moral. >>> arizona officials have released 3,000 pages of documents related to the 2011 tucson s
with a season of purgatory with jack lew and chuck hagel. meanwhile, the winds of change blew a texas-sized nightmare into this house. covering it from top to bottom, in tumbleweeds. over in kansas, a midwest whiteout. other cringe worthy moments, the sixth annual sword swallowing day. >> and easier to stomach, a few laughs over one company's miss fortunes. >> the university of phoenix could lose its license because of questionable billing policies. >> which makes sense when you find out they got their degree from the university of phoenix. >> one billionaire is building titanic 2. he says this won't sink. he has bigger plans and send one lucky couple on a round to mars. pope benedict xvi said a public farewell, private farewell and almost final so long before heading off into retirement. but wait. there's going to be two popes? >> it's going to be chaos. you can't have one vatican with two popes. it's like gotham with multiple batmans. you shine the bat signal all these clowns show up. >> so you think he will be forgotten by monday? >> you would like to think he wouldn't be, but, you
of the north bay. not much wind right now except in the hilltops. that will change later this afternoon as we watch clouds spilling in during the day. rain picking up after sundown tonight and gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour approaching the evening. today upper 50s to low 60s for highs. the bottom line is for your morning commute, the weather is looking okay for now. let's find out if things are looking okay otherwise with mike. >> because of the weather looking okay and traffic is getting help and we have caltrans crews which do overnight construction between oakland, coliseum and downtown. they are starting to pick up early. let's look over at the map. no flashing
and it doesn't belong on an airplane. >> the change in policy goes into effect april 25th. >>> women's rights denied. egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood is warning against a u.n. declaration giving rights to women. among the reasons for their opposing the creed, it gives women the right to file legal complaints against their husbands accusing them of rape. >>> text messages dominated the second day of evidence at the ohio trial where two high school football stars are accused of rape. witnesses from phone providers recalled messages between two defendants where they described the 16-year-old alleged victim as dead. defense lawyers say the girl consented to sex while prosecutors argue she was too drunk. >>> the lapd has agreed to pay $40,000 in a settlement stemming from a case of mistaken identity. police shot up a truck last month during the manhunt for ex-cop christopher dorner thinking he was inside. >>> new jersey governor chris christie is being asked to apologize after what some are calling a racially charged remark. he accused assembly speaker sheila oliver of blocking a bill on educati
's banned from using the word bingo last month and had to change the dog walking route to avoid the bingo hall. >>> turning now to sports. amazing nba come back to keep the heat win streak alive. miami overcame a 27-point deficit. and heat streaked by the cavs. in that process, notching the 24th straight win in their belt. >>> in the first-round of the ncaa tournament number 2, 16 seed and james madison university won to advance to the second round which starts tomorrow with 16 games. they will play top seed indiana friday. good luck in that. >>> then to number 13 seeds lasalle defeated boise state. they advance to the second round to face kansas state. >>> president obama, by the way, he filled out his ncaa brackets. and he predicted that number one louisville will make it to final four. he also chose ohio state, florida and indiana to win it all. >>> nfl chicago bears could not agree on a new contract for eight time pro bowl linebacker brian urlacher so he becomes a free agent after 13 years. and ed reed left the super bowl champ baltimore ravens after 11 seasons and signed with the hou
than a hundred rallies across the country. >> we need to change the whole culture of violence in this country. >> reporter: newtown parents spoke in a new video campaign by michael bloomberg. >> our daughter grace was 7 years old. >> reporter: from the white house president obama demanded the nation remember their loss. >> the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we have forgotten. >> reporter: he's trying to revive dropping momentum. recent polls indicate that support for new gun laws that rose after the shooting have dropped about ten points. back here on capitol hill at least six democrats could vote against new laws. reporting live in washington, i'm danielle lee. dara, back to you. >> thanks for that. >>> a 22-year-old woman has been arrested on charges of providing a gun to the man of killing tom clements. officials said stevie marie vigil bought the gun legally and then gave it to ebel. he could not guy buy a gun of his own. she appeared in court yesterday and faces 16 years in prison if convicted. a spok
upper 50s to near 60. a dry day today. we'll see changes coming up tomorrow. a look at that in your forecast in a few minutes. for a check of your monday morning commute, here's mike. >> looking toward the golden gate bridge which looks nice right now and also the view with those lights across the span moving the cones in half an hour. we'll talk about something a little farther north. you see the construction marked on north side of the bridge but
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